GRIT Construction is a construction, management, and real estate development company.
We are defined by a powerful motivation to achieve long-term financial and personal goals for our
investors while creating a lasting, positive impact within Philadelphia’s historic communities.

Founded in 2015, GRIT Construction has been building across the Philadelphia Area with an
emphasis on thoughtful design. We are proud to have a reliable, high caliber team
with a level of experience that can build a wide range of projects.


Construction is not just what we do, it’s our passion. We take pride in building projects as envisioned by
our clients and partners while maintaining our transparency with them every step of the way.
As a team, we are committed to owning the process of improving industry standards
and building a legacy of quality and transformative projects.


To build cool projects!


GRIT’s construction team is organized, highly focused, and executes on deliverables to maintain rigorous project schedules and tight budgets in a competitive environment.


GRIT has expertise in finding and acquiring undervalued properties and creating value by redeveloping and using our vision to execute the transformation into superior residential and commercial spaces.


GRIT’s team has managed the construction and development of some of Philadelphia’s largest residential and commercial projects.


To positively impact the communities in which we build and influence the city around us by creating unique and timeless real estate structures that are affordable yet cutting edge.