Construction Documentation
Taken to the Next Level

The Purpose of Construction Documentation

Construction documentation is a vital element of a project’s overall success.  It essentially serves as a memory that gives detailed insight such as, the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems and up-to-date changes that occur on the project site.  As our construction manager, Bryant Sandoval explains, without detailed records of every angle of your MEPs, “you may find yourself having to rip out an entire wall to locate an issue.”

Traditional Construction Documentation

The day-to-day progress of a construction project is usually recorded by taking still photos of different areas of the site.  Despite requiring a lot of photos to provide a thorough visual of the project, it can still fail to capture every corner of a room.  Traditional construction documentation can become cumbersome, especially on larger scale projects.  Although documentation plays an important role, regular photos are both time consuming and inefficient because it cannot offer a complete visual.

Time To Level Up

We strive to continuously improve our processes by moving forward and staying current with the latest trends.  Although we do our best to have zero issues, we as a company are not without fault, but how we handle and document sets us apart.  This is why regular photo documentation has become a thing of the past at GRIT.  Within the past year, we embraced the future of documentation—360° technology.  Our Ricoh Theta 360 camera enables us to shoot photos of an entire space with the single push of a button.  With 360° technology, we take accurate, detailed documentation on all our projects while easily accessing the data from a smartphone or computer.  Every angle is captured. Not a single detail is missed.  Time management is maximized.  Complete game changer.

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