Embody an expert mindset.
Learn everyday, teach everyday.

Approach every task with a passionate persistence.
Be ambitious.
Show and do is greater than tell and talk.

Be proud of the how.
Embrace integrity in everything you do.
Be resourceful and creative.

Empower an ownership mentality.
Utilize systems and processes to mold your success.
Mistakes only harm you if you make the same mistake twice.

Debate then commit.
Share openly and question respectfully.
Once a decision is made, commit fully and execute quickly.

Build with humility.
Put collective success before individual achievements.

These attributes combined can be
described with a single word — GRIT.

Greatness Revealed In Time.


GRIT’s construction team is organized, highly focused, and executes on deliverables to maintain rigorous project schedules and tight budgets in a competitive environment.


GRIT has expertise in finding and acquiring undervalued properties and creating value by redeveloping and using our vision to execute the transformation into superior residential and commercial spaces.


GRIT’s team has managed the construction and development of some of Philadelphia’s largest residential and commercial projects.


To positively impact the communities in which we build and influence the city around us by creating unique and timeless real estate structures that are affordable yet cutting edge.