June 8, 2016 Deepak Kumar


GRIT provides preliminary estimates and order of magnitudes to help guide your business to make decisions on development deals and purchases. From conceptual estimating to final Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), GIRT is adept at budgeting projects at all design levels.

GRIT does not believe in providing “off the cuff” cost per square foot answers. The only way to understand the actual costs is to put them on paper. GRIT will build a detailed estimate for your project based on a verbal description and napkin sketch. GRIT will often perform walk-throughs of existing buildings with Owners to understand the existing building systems and make sure the appropriate costs are included in the estimate.

Throughout design development, GRIT will provide budget control reports to help steer your design and stay within the project budget. These updates prevent the shock of a project coming over budget once the design is completed. Once documents are completed, GRIT will build a final GMP estimate which includes very detailed quantity take-off and unit pricing. However, a major component will always be pricing the project with the top Subcontractors in the marketplace to confirm the overall project estimate.

As Developers, GRIT understands the need to have projects priced at the earliest stage of development (even prior to acquisition). As Contractors, GRIT knows how to quantify and price all components of a building. GRIT also knows which Subcontractors are appropriate for which projects to maintain quality, but still drive down the project costs.

Here is one example of a standard detailed estimate format that GRIT uses on their projects: