June 8, 2016 Deepak Kumar


Daily on-site project management and a strict coordination process between different trade contractors.

GRIT’s project management team has been managing in the urban construction environment for the last 15 years in Philadelphia and New York City. GRIT produces detailed CPM (Critical Path Method) scheduling and logistics plans in-house for every project regardless of size and location. These documents are used to organize the job site and maintain rigorous project schedules for all GRIT Subcontractors.

GRIT’s field team spends significant time during pre-construction to layout and coordinate HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinkler, and Electrical Systems prior to starting in the field. GRIT holds mandatory pre-construction coordination meetings with all their Subcontractors on a weekly basis to make sure the coordination process is followed throughout the course of the project. These coordination meetings also provide the foundation for fully functional systems and a quality finished product.

Also, GRIT maintains a strict safety program on every project site. GRIT requires that all members of the field operations team are OSHA 30 Certified. Every Subcontractor is responsible for submitting a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) prior to starting work in the field. GRIT’s SSSP is used to track, monitor, and ensure that a 100% injury free workplace is maintained at all times.