June 8, 2016 Deepak Kumar


Review contractor estimates and bids out projects with formalized plans to align budgets and ensure scope coverage.

Once design development and value engineering are completed, it is time to level proposals, buy the work, and get the project set up to break ground. GRIT utilizes a very systematic approach to analyze Subcontractor/General Contractor pricing and get the project ready to break ground.

Bid Recording Sheets are created for every trade on the project for multiple reasons. First, it identifies the scope of work for every trade. Also, it coordinates which scope items are included for each trade to ensure that there is no lack or overlap of in-scope items. Lastly, it levels the proposals to make sure that the correct Contractor is awarded the project.

After Bid Recording Sheets are finalized, they are used to develop detailed and well-coordinated Exhibit A Scope of Worksfor Contracts. As every Contractor understands, this scope of works becomes the foundation for every agreement and is used throughout the course of any project.

Here is one example of a standard bid leveling comparison that GRIT uses on their projects: