June 8, 2016 Deepak Kumar


Our team can be an extension of your business to help reduce costs, increase quality, and maintain a timely schedule through numerous services.

GRIT has provided Consulting Services to some of the largest Developers and Contractors in the Philadelphia marketplace. Our primary services include the following:

  1. Plan ReviewsGRIT reviews drawings and specifications at all design stages to help Owners understand the major issues on their project. This assessment often creates many RFIs (request for information) which catches design errors before working in the field. It also ensures that Owners are building strong requests for proposal bid packages prior to sending them to general contractors for bidding. The best way to get competitive and competent pricing in the market today is to create strong design/bidding documents. GRIT can manage this process.
  2. Cost ReviewsOnce Owners have received pricing from the current market, GRIT can scientifically analyze this pricing to ensure that bids are “apples to apples.” This bid leveling process also helps identify key components of the project which are driving project costs. GRIT’s cost review process always includes face to face contract de-scope meetings to discuss these cost drivers. They are also used to discuss project schedule, logistics, quality, safety, and potential value engineering.
  3. Value EngineeringIn a competitive market, Owners need every advantage on a project they can find. GRIT will suggest, outline, and price value engineering for their projects. This comprehensive value engineering list can be sent to Architects, Engineers, and Contractors for coordination and discussion. This also steers their design to provide every advantage possible and ensure that once pricing is received, it is aligned with their budget.
  4. Contract Strategy and Advice– For over 15 years, GRIT has been negotiating and executing Subcontract and General Contractor agreements. GRIT believed that Contractors are the best option for reviewing, understanding, and negotiating contracts. As Contractors, we understand the major pitfalls and risks that Owners face. We also recognize every crucial component that must be included and explicitly outlined in construction contracts. The risk management tool will ensure that the Owner’s investment is protected.